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King Air B200 - Instrument panel only version | Full Panel ->

The work-in-progress, beta and full versions will be available to subscribers on Patreon.


This panel has typical configuration for King Air 200 / B200 (or C90, B1900) and comes with Pilot side and Copilot side modules. The central radio panel is not included.

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DOWNLOAD B200 Instrument panel

To be added:

  • Variations of this panel for C90B, B1900 and King Air 350
  • Expand EFIS-84 and add EFIS-85 functionality
  • Separate panel modules for annunciators and radio stack

Additional modules:

Lower panel with flaps, cabin ALT and VVI indicators, two annunciator panels (upper and lower):
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King Air annunciator panels set

A series of annunciator panels for different King Air aircraft models.

KA 200, KA B200 (4 variants):

KA 200 (Prior to BB-453) KA 200 (BB-453 and after) B200 (Prior to BB-1444) B200 (BB-1444 and after)
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ModuleLast UpdatedOptimal LCD sizeNotes
King Air 200/B200 set3 March 202310" (4/3)Set native display resolution

B1900, KA300, KA350:

A series of the B1900 and KA350 annunciator panels (3-5 variants) will be available soon:

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King Air B200 - Full Panel | Instrument Panel ->


DOWNLOAD B200 Full-textured Main panel (beta)

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