Input/Output Interface for home cockpit builders, highly configurable and easily scalable. All Input controls and most output devices are directly supported by SimVimCockpit.


External Instrument Panels for X-Plane running on computers connected to local network and communicating with X-Plane using SimVimCockpit plugin.

Baron 58 Simulator

Full-scale cockpit simulator of twin-engine Beechcraft Baron 58 that eventualy became the test platform for our I/O interface based on Arduino.

Tech Tips, Articles

Practical guides, technical data, DIY tips and articles for better representation of SimVimCockpit Interface and usage of various input/output devices that can be used in a cockpit simulator.

3D modeling

3D modelling works, Blender tips, addons. Oher projects and articles, 3D Printing tips and models, media, miscellaneous projects.
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SimVim Projects

Our interests and projects are focused on the aircraft cockpit simulators world, electronics, programming, 3D graphics and any other exciting things.

SimVimCockpit for X-Plane       >>

SimVimCockpit is our Input/Output Interface for home cockpit simulators. Using SimVimCockpit you can easily create all input controls for your cockpit and display any output data, without applying any programming and electronics skills. With this tool you can start controlling X-Plane in a few minutes!

SimVimPanels       >>

SimVimPanel is an easy-to-use program providing realistic, fully-functional aircraft instrument panels that can be displayed on any old computer connected by network to the main computer with X-Plane and uses SimVimCockpit plugin (or ArdSimX plugin) to communicate with the simulator. SimVimPanel project does not provide single instruments, it is a set of fully configured panels for several specific aircrafts.

Baron-58 Home Cockpit       >>

This project is our full-scale panel simulator of twin-engine Baron 58 airplane. Eventually, this panel became the test platform for all our input/output interfaces.

Projects History       >>

Archived projects, including ArdSimX, ArdSim, ARDref, XPData and the very first Arduino program for our Baron-58 cockpit. After successfully applying Arduino to our home cockpit, we've made it our goal to create a convenient interface that would allow everyone who wanted to build a cockpit to do this with minimal electronics and programming knowledge..

Tech Tips, Guides, Articles       >>

Tech descriptions, wiring guides and practical tips for better understanding of various input and output devices that can be used in a cockpit simulator. Helpful before using SimVimCockpit/ArdSimX.

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